Desperate Killers mega fan reunited with lost tickets at 11th hour

Killers fan Jez Arlow bought his tickets to see the band at Carrow Road and feared they would not be found

Killers fan Jez Arlow, inset, bought his tickets to see the band at Carrow Road more than two years ago, and feared his lost tickets would not be found before the show - Credit: Rob Loud/Jez Arlow

A music fan who has waited years to see his favourite band live has been reunited with his tickets just hours before heading to the gig.

Before the pandemic hit, Jez Arlow bought four seated tickets to see The Killers at Carrow Road at a cost of £400 - but the gig was postponed.

Then just two weeks ago with excitement for the long-awaited gig building he realised he couldn't find his tickets.

The 23-year-old from Blakeney explained: "I bought the tickets two years ago.

"Turns out my tickets were in an email that I deleted years ago on an address I rarely use. 

Jez Arlow thought his Killers tickets were lost forever

Jez Arlow thought his Killers tickets were lost forever - Credit: Supplied by Jez Arlow

"The tickets were initially going to be sent through the post but they went digital after it was delayed when Covid hit.

"I was worried because I saw people complaining to say that they couldn't get any help from Ticketmaster.

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"You can't call Ticketmaster anymore. It's all emails and live chat, so it can be hard to communicate with them.

"When I saw that some people had been waiting ten months for a refund, I thought I wasn't going to be getting these tickets at all."

Panicking that the tickets he'd bought for himself, his parents and a family friend were lost forever, he continually tried to get in touch with the American distribution company.

The Killers drummer has announced the UK tour has been postponed because of coronavirus, including t

The Killers play Carrow Road on June 9 after postponing from their original summer 2020 date - Credit: Archant

But it wasn't until the day before the gig that it was confirmed that the tickets had been located and Jez had access to them once more.

He added: "Thankfully after a lot of hard work they sorted it.

"I got fed up. At one point I thought I wasn't going to go, and it wasn't going to happen.

"I'm very relieved. When the tickets appeared on my laptop screen, I just couldn't believe it."

Now his tickets are secured, Jez can look forward to hearing his favourite The Killers tracks live: "The best is Miss Atomic Bomb, but I don't think they're going to do it.

"I've always loved The Killers. I can look forward to the gig now."