Norfolk film maker’s tribute to No 73

A life-long fan of a popular 1980s TV show has made his third and final short film in honour of the programme.

No 73, later re-titled 7T3, was a children's TV show broadcast live on ITV on Saturday mornings starring the likes of Sandi Toksvig, Neil Buchanan and Andrea Arnold.

The show was based around a busy house in Maidstone, Kent, featuring star guests, music, cartoons and fun with the twist being that the programme's presenters played characters rather than themselves.

Super-fan Ian Harding, 30, recreated an episode of the magazine show called Anytime Anywhere nearly two years ago. He followed it up with a sequel called The Roller Skates, featuring bulbous-headed character Frank Sidebottom. Both short films became You Tube hits and were watched in 33 different countries including the UK, USA, Pakistan, Japan, Croatia and Australia.

Now, due to public demand, Mr Harding, who lived in Silver Road, Norwich, and now lives in King's Lynn, has made a third and final film.

The 12-minute film, called The Move, is about landlord Mr Birch's plans to demolish No 73.

Kim, played by Mr Harding's sister Frances, tries looking for a new home while Neil, played by Mr Harding, reminisces about the good times and bad.

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Mr Harding said: 'I have been a life long fan of the show as I am 30 years old now. I am glad that I brought it back, it's been a very exciting journey.'

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