Council selling cut-price compost bins in nature drive

Norfolk Master Composter, Bee Springwood with her compost heap

Norfolk Master Composter, Bee Springwood with her compost heap - Credit: Norfolk County Council

Popular Bokashi compost bins are being sold by a Norfolk council in a drive to make the county greener.

Norfolk County Council's waste and recycling team is calling for more people to switch to composting at home to help reduce waste.

With more than a third of the contents of people’s bins at home made up of waste that could be composted, the aim is to make it easier for people to join the thousands of others who have already discovered the benefits of composting.

Andy Grant, cabinet member for environment and waste at Norfolk County Council, said: “Composting further reduces the amount we put in our bins, and recycles the waste into really useful compost for our house and garden plants.

“Making a welcome return this year are bokashi compost bins which are great if you are already composting and want somewhere to compost meat and cooked food too.”

The campaign aims to sell 1,500 bins meaning an additional 225 tonnes of waste will be composted each year.

The bins start at £10 for a 220 litre black bin.

Find out more about the composting bins here: