Norfolk Broads receive international tourism boost from Visit England

The drive to make the Norfolk Broads a top international holiday destination received a major boost today.

It has become one of just four of Visit England's 'Pathfinder' destinations, giving national recognition to the quality on offer for tourists visiting the Broads.

Chief executive of Visit England, James Berresford, officially announced that the Broads has been selected – along with Manchester, Bath and the Peak District - in a ceremony at Norfolk Broads Direct in Wroxham.

These four places will receive special promotion from Visit England to try and ensure they become internationally recog-nised as great holiday spots.

Mr Berresford re-launched the website and its accompanying tourism brochure, saying: 'I visited the Broads for the first time in a long time last summer and was hugely taken with how unique, beautiful and special the area is.

'There has been a real drive and determination from the local authorities involved in this project to make the Broads a key destination in England, and we want to work with strong destinations.

'Other countries are always trying to attract the English abroad but we are saying that there is plenty right here in England as well.'

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The new website has a welcome video by Broads sailor Nicholas Crane, a presenter of the BBC series Coast, and gives a full guide to the details tourists need to know both on land and water. But It is not just for visitors, though, as Mr Berresford added: 'The beauty of tourism is that it brings many services and jobs that wouldn't be here without tourism, and local people are the best ambassadors for their area.

'There was a survey recently which found that 86pc of people in Norfolk would recommend visiting the Broads to friends and family and that is only going to help our cause.'