Nominate your Norwich local to be pub of the year

For the past two years the Evening News has been helping the city's pubs through its successful Love Your Local campaign.

And today the paper is going a step further by launching the Norwich Pub of the Year Awards 2011.

We want to find out which of our many fine pubs is the best – and we need your help to do so.

Over the next few weeks we will be asking readers to nominate their local for the prestigious honour of being named the Norwich Pub of The Year.

We are asking that, in no more than 300 words, regulars tell us why their local deserves to be crowned.

Perhaps it is because your pub has the most welcoming atmosphere. Maybe the landlord goes above and beyond to help out the local community.

Or maybe your pub simply offers the best tasting beer or lager around.

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Whatever the reason all you need to do is fill in the form on the back of this supplement and send it to the address below.

The entries are open to all the pubs in the Greater Norwich area and will be shortlisted down to four.

The winner will then be picked by judges including Evening News reporter David Bale and Norwich pub historian Derek McDonald.

Explaining what he is looking for in a winner, Mr McDonald said: 'I think what makes a good pub is reasonable prices, cleanliness, one where local people can sit and have a chat while enjoying a pint. Good food is also a plus these days, easy access is a another plus, and also friendly bar staff and a good atmosphere.'

David Bale said: 'I'm a big history buff so a good pub to me often means one which has a lot of history and heritage. I think it's also important that the landlords are friendly and the beer and food are good. In these economic times it also helps that prices are reasonable. An open fire can also add to the atmosphere and as I like to read a newspaper in the pub, good light is a prerequisite.'

The winner of the competition will get the chance to brand its pub The Norwich Pub of the Year 2011. Meanwhile nominating your pub could give it a leg-up during these tough economic times.

Since launching our Love Your Local campaign two years ago we have highlighted what is great about the city's pubs and why people should pay them a visit. The message throughout has been to either 'use them or lose them'.

Click here to make your nomination

Closing date for entries is Friday, April 22.