NNF11 City Academy review: Ragtime Tea Dance

During the festival Norwich City Academy students will be reviewing some of the top events for the Evening News. They will then be holding an awards ceremony at the end of the festival called the Children's Choice Awards.

Ragtime Tea Dance – Sunday 8th May

We had a red-carpet into the Tea Dance, which was hall set up in Chapelfield Gardens. There was a great atmosphere in the venue. The Bee Knees (who were comically dressed as bumblebees!) demonstrated how to do the Swing, Jive and Charleston, and encouraged everyone to get on the dance floor. Before we knew what we were doing, we were all dancing the Charleston, with jazz hands. Truly brilliant afternoon.

Courtney Bale.

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Walking in with the 1940s music playing, we knew this was going to be an experience. There was a great atmosphere as professional dancers showed us all how to jive and waltz. After dancing for an hour, there was tea and cakes –very traditional but a welcome refreshment. The overall experience was amazing!

Amber Haylock

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