NNF11 City Academy review: 2 Dimensional Life of her and The Proportions of the Temple

During the festival City Academy Norwich students will be reviewing some of the events for the Evening News. Here is what they thought of them:

2 Dimensional Life of Her, Norwich Playhouse

'The 2 Dimensional Life of Her was very interesting however I felt a bit scared' Courtney Gabriel age 12

'2 Dimensional Life of Her was very imaginative. The best bit of all was when the lady fell back off the chair. The fire on the set was a risk that paid off. I enjoyed it very much.' James Kirby age 11

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'2Dimensional life of her was excellent, strange and brainy. I would go again it was so mind blowing. I would recommend it to everyone.' Dylan Ellis age 11

'Today we watched 'The 2 dimensional Life of Her'; it was projected onto pieces of paper and boards. When we got there I was a bit freaked out, everything was moving and I was not expecting this. I didn't really enjoy it that much, I enjoyed the bit when she banged her head.' Megan Fuller age 11

'The 2 Dimensional Life of Her was very interesting, I really enjoyed it. I did get scared at one point but it all turned out alright in the end. An act to be enjoyed, a must.' Ella Brant age 11

'2 Dimensional Life of Her was boring and in black and white. The only part I liked was when the paper lady walked into a metal thing and hurt her head and was walking down the stairs, we thought she was going to fall. At the beginning we were freaked out.' Chloe Harrison age 12

The Proportions of the Temple at Norwich Cathedral

'Very beautiful music was played with expression and had a few unexpected moments. The performance had lots of attention to detail and emotion. The finest words were expressed with care. I really enjoyed it.' Hajar Alaameri age12

'At the start we listened to Jonathan Baker, Nik B�rtsch, Sian Croose and George Szirtes. The speech was a little bit boring; however I now know more about the project. The show was cool.' Katy Harabajiu age 11

NNF11 runs until Saturday.