NME Tour: Glasvegas

Simon ParkinJames Allan, Glasvegast How does it feel to be headlining?'I'm excited man, yeah. It was only a year ago I was still on the dole, so I guess it's a sign of the times.Simon Parkin


t How does it feel to be headlining?

'I'm excited man, yeah. It was only a year ago I was still on the dole, so I guess it's a sign of the times. Everything's moving along quite quickly. Like I say, I was still on the dole when it was the last tour in January. I don't really try and think too much about things right now. Everything that happens right now I take by the day. I think you have to trust your instincts and be led where the tide is gonna take you. I don't fight against that too much.'

t Did you used to go and watch the tours yourself?

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'Yeah, I think the last one was when we went to the one Arctic Monkeys played (with Maximo Park and We Are Scientists and Mystery Jets).They did absolutely f***ing great those boys. I thought to myself 'well done man, you did f***ing great, man.'

t Did you know any of the other bands previously?

'I don't know Florence and the Machine, I don't know their music, I don't know them at all. But we know Friendly Fires, and White Lies have just supported us on the last tour, every night. They're great to have as a warm up, and great guys you know. We've ended up having some wild parties with those boys.'

t Will there be more wild behaviour on the tour?

'I think it's safe to say that when there's the four of us in a room, that will always happen. We always like to push things as far as they can go. That's always been the case, even before we started playing music together. And this time we'll have some new friends!'

t What on tour essential item can you not live without?

'I've got a little patch of plastic grass, with some daisies in it. That's usually always with me. I can stick it onto the side of my bunk, and no matter how messed up I get, I'll always know which bunk is mine because it's got the patch of plastic grass with the daisies in it.'