Student left with £1,300 bill after drunken taxi ride to Norwich

A student from Newcastle accidentally got an Uber from Newcastle to Norwich while drunk. Picture: Ub

A student from Newcastle accidentally got an Uber from Newcastle to Norwich while drunk. Picture: Uber - Credit: Archant

A university student had a shock when he woke up to find himself in a taxi in Norwich – and with a bill for more than £1,300.

The Newcastle University student, who did not want to be named, went on a night out in the north-eastern city and ended up having a little bit too much to drink.

He ordered a taxi through Uber - which operates in Newcastle but not in Norwich - and expected the cab to take him to his home in the NE1 postcode.

However, in his drunken state, he mistakenly put in an NR3 postcode as his destination, and spent most of the journey passed out in the back of the taxi.

When he woke up he expected to be outside his student house in Newcastle, but he soon discovered that he had actually travelled more than 250 miles and was at an address in Vale Green, close to the Sweet Briar Industrial Estate in Norwich.

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Instead of making a short 10 minute journey, he had been in the back of the car for four-and-a-half hours.

The trip was set to cost him £1307.64, but the student claims the driver "let him off" as it was clear that it was just a mistake while drunk - in return, he said that he left the driver a five-star rating on the app.

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He told student website The Tab: "When I woke up, I literally thought it was a dream - surely I hadn't done this.

"Luckily the driver understood and let me off as he worked out it was a very drunken mistake and I didn't mean to fall asleep.

"My friends helped me by advising me to sober up and get on the next train back to Newcastle."

His unexpected trip south meant that he missed his morning lectures at university, and more bad news came his way in the form of a fine after he was caught on the train home without a ticket.

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