New support group for mums in Norwich

A Norwich mother has set up a group for mums which meets in the city centre.

More than 14 local mums already go along to the group's meetings, which provide help and support for local parents and new mums.

The group, which had its first official meeting this week and is planned to meet monthly in different locations, was set up by Melanie Walker seven months ago after the birth of her son Hunter, who is nearly eight months old.

Miss Walker, 26, who lives off Dereham Road, said: 'I go to a local church group for mums, but there didn't seem to be a general group for mums in Norwich city.

'None of my friends have children and from my point of view it's nice to meet people who have got babies and children.

'It's nice to find out you're not the only person with a baby who doesn't get any sleep at night.

'For some mums, it isn't until you go to play group that they start to meet other mums. We also welcome pregnant women who want to meet other mums before they give birth and if they want some help and advice beforehand.'

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New members interested in joining can visit www.netmums.comcoffeehousegroups or email Melanie Walker directly at

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