New sculpture to inspire pupils’ environmental work at Mulbarton Infant School

As the new term gets under way, there has been a new addition to the grounds of Mulbarton Infant School to help inspire students in their environmental work.

The brainchild of science leader Chris Denton, the idea is for a permanent focal point in the school grounds for pupils to gather before starting on environmental science projects.

Rather than just a stick in the ground, the school's parent teacher association agreed to fund a beautiful oak post carved by local sculptor Steve Eggleton, who is perhaps best known in Norfolk for his many beautiful village signs. For Mulbarton Infant School he has designed and created a post complete with compass and seasonal relief carvings on each face, and topped with a carved owl.

Mrs Denton said 'We have always enjoyed using the wonderful school grounds for science work, looking at changes in the seasons, growth, patterns in the snow, looking at leaves and leaf skeletons.

'This beautiful gathering post is a fantastic starting point for all of our investigations.'

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