New publicans at the Marquee in Cattle Market Street, Norwich, promise to respect neighbours and become part of community

New landlords at a reopened city pub want to be good neighbours and have told residents living nearby that they will tone down the music if it gets too loud.

The Marquee in Cattle Market Street, which reopens at 7pm tonight, was once a thriving live music venue but the building has been empty since it closed in May 2010.

Business partners Jamie Miles and Lawrence Geib took over as leaseholders about five months ago and have spent an undisclosed amount on refurbishing it.

It's the first pub for both of them and they are looking forward to the experience, despite their scheduled headline act for tonight, Leatherface, suddenly disbanding. Leatherface have been replaced by Vanilla Pod with support from local band Ducking Punches.

The new landlords have also set out their credentials on an information board on one of the pub's walls, giving punters the chance to find out what they can expect and what is expected in return.

Mr Miles said: 'We asked our neighbours to attend a meeting that we had set up with the council's environmental health officer and the police, to answer any questions and reassure residents that we will be an approachable, responsible live music venue.

'Our main focus is to fit in with the community and we will do everything we can to make that happen. A noise limiter has been set to make sure the noise is not heard invasively outside the premises.'

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An open forum will also be held from 6pm every Tuesday at the pub where people can discuss musical matters.

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