New plans for zebra crossing near Norwich school

David BaleRevised plans have been drawn up for a new zebra crossing on a busy Norwich road after a public consultation revealed concerns about the original proposals.David Bale

Revised plans have been drawn up for a new zebra crossing on a busy Norwich road after a public consultation revealed concerns about the original proposals.

The consultation was carried out on plans to build the crossing in Earlham Road, near the junction of Recreation Road, after the need for a safe crossing point was identified as part of the Recreation Road School Travel Plan.

The crossing, which would be the third on the road, will be close to the Earlham House Shopping Centre and would help enable people using the centre to cross the road safely as well as helping to reduce traffic speed on that particular part of Earlham Road.

Nelson ward city councillor and leader of the opposition Green group at City Hall, Claire Stephenson said: 'I think a crossing would be good because Earlham Road is very busy, and traffic travels far too fast down there. But the crossing needs to be in the right place.'

The original plans also included carriageway narrowing to help with visibility of the crossing, and the relocation of the bus stop and shelter.

But during the consultation fears were raised about moving the bus stop, the effect on traffic speed, the loss of parking for residents, and some people said they preferred signal controlled crossings.

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Following concerns an alternative plan was drawn up by planning officers, and this proposal is recommended for approval by Norwich Highways Agency Committee on Thursday.

The revised proposal consists of locating the crossing between the cemetery access and entrance to the shopping centre, moving the bus stop 30m further east of its present location, and moving the pedestrian crossing warning sign further west of the crossing.

The new plan also suggests extending the zigzags on the approach side, and building out the footway at the access to the shopping centre.

This new layout was discussed at a site meeting on February 26 with the majority of residents in approval.

Catriona Milne, chair of governors at Recreation Road Infant School, has previously called for a safer place to cross the busy road.

As well as approving the plans, the Norwich Highways Agency Committee is recommended to ask officers to reconsult residents and stakeholders, and to ask planning officers to report any new objections back to a future committee meeting.

The Safer and Healthier Journeys to School budget has allocated �60,000 for the scheme.

The Evening News' Park Safe campaign has been urging parents not to park recklessly outside school gates because it creates dangers for youngsters.

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