New online tool to put Norfolk wildlife on the map

An online tool to help Norfolk's wildlife enthusiasts record what they see has been launched by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

The wealth of recording resources will now be available at the click of a button.

The project, known as Putting local wildlife on the map, took three years and 70 experts to complete.

It is a comprehensive guide to wildlife surveying techniques aimed at individuals and community groups.

NWT director Brendan Joyce said: 'This toolkit will help people keep records of their local wildlife in ways which can help future conservation. Local wildlife needs a helping hand; if we are not aware of what is there it's all too easy to lose precious sites or species without anyone noticing.'

Nature writer and naturalist Mark Cocker said: 'There is a tendency to assume that our most meaningful efforts for wildlife conservation are always national in scope and undertaken by professionals. But I believe that Norfolk Wildlife Trust's wonderful new toolkit empowers us to take action in the most important place.'

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