New Norwich City star is one of football’s biggest names

Troy McCarthy wearing his van Wolfswinkel shirt. Submitted

Troy McCarthy wearing his van Wolfswinkel shirt. Submitted - Credit: Archant

Norwich City's signing of Ricky van Wolfswinkel has given everyone a boost, but how is the club going to fit his 14-letter surname on the back of a shirt?

Troy McCarthy with his new football shirt: Submitted picture

Troy McCarthy with his new football shirt: Submitted picture - Credit: Archant

A club spokesman said they had been discussing whether the striker's whole surname should go on the back of the shirt.

Or if it should be V.Wolfswinkel as it's V.Persie for Robin Van Persie at Manchester United.

The club has had similar problems with footballers' long surnames in the past, with Ian Butterworth and Ian Culverhouse springing to mind. Elsewhere, Celtic had the difficult task of getting Vennegoor of Hesselink on the back of a football shirt.

The Dutchman's move to City from Sporting Lisbon won't happen until the end of the summer, but it has prompted one of the biggest reactions in some time from City fans. And fans are expected to be particularly keen to buy new shirts with his name on them.

But club spokesman Joe Ferrari said that, as the 24-year-old won't be allocated a squad number for some time, fans are probably holding off buying his shirt at the club's shops until that time. Each letter on a shirt costs £1 and it's £4 per number, so to have the name van Wolfswinkel, would cost £14 at today's prices.

However, one fan, Troy McCarthy, who is a season ticket holder in the Upper Barclay and has just turned 30, could not wait to buy a shirt. He chose the No 9 squad number for the Dutchman and his shirt says R V Wolfswinkel.

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Mr McCarthy, from Aylsham Road, posted a picture of himself wearing the shirt on Twitter, which has caused a surge of comments from other fans and some ex-players, including Darren Eadie.

He said: 'I bought the shirt on Monday from the Castle Mall Canaries' shop. The shirt cost £25 and the total bill was £46.

'It took about 25 minutes for them to put all the letters on.

'I chose the No 9 because he has worn that for every other team he's played for. But I don't want to see Grant Holt, who's currently No 9, leave.'