New Norwich church calendar

Enjoy a new Norwich church 2011 calendar

Although I don't want to wish the rest of the year away, I recommend that you get your copy now because this will sell out quickly.

This calendar, called Norwich Over The Water, stands head and shoulders above many others as we follow the seasons around St George Church, Colegate.

And when you buy a copy, the money goes to help maintain and improve this glorious 15th century building which has played a leading role in city life for so long.

The monthly photographs – old and new – tell the story of the church and how it has developed to meet the challenges thrown up by the 21st century.

This is the third calendar in four years to raise money for the church.

'This is reckoned to be better than ever, with some interesting and slightly quirky views in and around the church,' said churchwarden Matthew Williams who has taken the modern photographs.

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'We want to sell as many copies as we can to raise funds for our new toilet and church room, and for all the necessary repairs to the ancient and fantastic building,' said Matthew.

Today, St George's is one of a handful of medieval churchres still used for its original purpose in a part of Norwich with such a long and colourful history.

This calendar gives you little snippets of information about the church, its attractions and its features.

Earlier worshippers tended to be merchants and artisans. Following the Black Death (1349) and during the 15th and 16th centuries, wealthy patrons included a number of powerful mayors.

Over the centuries the fortunes of the church mirrored those of the city and today it stands proud as an architectural gem – one with a a rich history and an exciting future.

The Norwich Over the Water 2011 Calendar costs �7 and is on sale at St George's Music Shop in St George's Street.