New mum from Thorpe St Andrew enjoys a new look

New mum Amy Hampson has lost confidence in her looks since giving birth. Emma Harrowing takes her on a makeover journey to regain her self-belief.

Amy Hampson, from Thorpe St Andrew, used to be a slim size 10 and like many women in their 20s she would wear the latest looks.

Nothing was out of bounds, including the body-con look of the past few seasons. Even when she fell pregnant last year she felt certain that if she followed the 'rules' of pregnancy and birth she would get back into shape in no time.

Amy says: 'Throughout my pregnancy I was convinced that I would get back into shape quickly if I had a natural birth and breast fed my baby, but having an emergency Caesarean and being unable to breast feed has meant that it is taking me longer to lose weight.

'The only part of my body I didn't like before I had a baby was my legs so I would wear jeans or leggings most of the time. Since having my son I dislike my tummy and my legs, in fact I've lost the self-confidence to feel good in anything. I've even got rid of most of the outfits in my wardrobe that fitted me when I was slimmer – it's too depressing to keep hold of them.' Amy only had her son Jack five months ago so it's still early days in the race to get her body back into shape. In the meantime the Life Matters team of stylists aim to make her feel better about herself now by showing her how she can wear the latest trends and disguise the parts of her body she dislikes.

Amy wears: Amy wears burgundy jeans, �24, Red Herring; black horse print blouse from a selection and boots, �60, all from Debenhams.

Hair by Norma and Jason at Kinki Boutique, Castle Street, Norwich. Make-up by Georgina at the Benefit Boutique in Debenhams, Norwich.

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The verdict: Amy says: ''I cannot believe how confident I feel with my new look. This makeover has given me the boost I needed. I feel like me again and I'm full of confidence, which is amazing considering that I felt so down about how I looked.'

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