New contraceptive for Norfolk women

Tracey GrayWomen across Norfolk are to have improved access to contraceptive implants.Tracey Gray

Women across Norfolk are to have improved access to contraceptive implants.

The long-acting reversible contraceptive implant will be available at GP surgeries across Norfolk from next Thursday, April 1.

The contraceptive contains etonogestrel, a synthetic form of the female sex hormone, progesterone, to prevent pregnancy.

It will provide contraception for up to three years if left in place, but can be removed at any time.

The initiative is being championed by Dr Vicki Bowman, a GP at Paston Surgery, North Walsham.

Julie Hughes, NHS Norfolk's Sexual Health Commissioning Manager, said: 'This is part of NHS Norfolk's drive to improve access to long acting, reversible contraception for all.

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'It will be available for all surgeries that want to provide it. Women across the county will have access to the implant, either through their own GP surgery or one nearby.

'Unlike the contraceptive pill, the effectiveness of the implant does not depend on other factors. For example, it will still be effective if you have a stomach upset. The implant is also particularly beneficial for younger women, who may not always remember to take the contraceptive pill.'