NEW ASDA SUPERSTORE AT HALL ROAD NORWICH: Response good but fears remain

A two-day public consultation over plans for a new 35,000sq ft Asda store in Norwich started yesterday.

Local residents inspected plans and drawings for the store - to be built on the former Bally shoe factory site off Hall Road - at St Paul's Church Hall in Tuckswood.

Response was generally positive. Postal worker Peter Humphreys, 70, from Hall Rd, said: 'It's got to do something for the area hasn't it? We've got no development, nothing.

'It will create jobs for the area and remove an eyesore.

'I think everybody's looking forward to it, the whole rejuvenation of the area.'

Asda said they would take their workforce of 300 from the local area as much as possible and work to help the local business economy.

The landlord of the nearby Maid Marian pub on Ipswich Rd, John Mcalavey, said: 'More people in the area, more trade, good luck to them.

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'I don't have ill feelings. It is a case of - if you can make a buck, take it. Why be bitter? What can I do about it?'

The plans include a 350-space car park, pub, gym and small shop units which could be used for local people's start up businesses.

There were concerns voiced, however.

Retired Arthur Baker, 61, from Hall Rd. said: 'The traffic will cause chaos. And enough pubs are shutting down, why open another one?

'You've got Tescos nearby. If they want to do something for the community why not a family swimming pool or something people will actually use?'

He added that a number of people shared his views.