New drive to boost nature alongside railway line

Representatives from Buglife, RailScape and Network Rail in Whitlingham where vegetation will be planted to boost wildlife.

Paul Hetherington, from Buglife, Liam Allen, route engineer, Stewart Cowen, senior asset engineer, Andrew Hood, RailScape arborist, and Chloe Doltis, HR business partner for the Network Rail Anglia region, next to the area next to the railway line which will be replanted for pollinators and other wildlife. - Credit: Network Rail

Nature will be given a boost alongside a railway track after vegetation was cut back for safety reasons.

Trees and other natural features were removed last year near Whitlingham, on the edge of Norwich, so trains could continue to run along the line.

To encourage bees and other wildlife back, Network Rail, which maintains the line, is working with Buglife charity to replace lost vegetation.

It will also be part of the B-Line map, which will become a national network of wildflower areas to help pollinators.

Liam Allen, Network Rail's route engineer, said: "Replanting is really important and plays a big part in helping the environments and sustain habitats."

Paul Hetherington at Buglife said: "Since 1940 we’ve lost ninety seven percent of our flower rich meadows and hundreds of our pollinator species are in decline."

Other areas will be looked at by Network Rail for future planting projects.