Reader letter: NDR roundabouts are a menace

File photo of a NDR roundabout at Wroxham Road. Picture: David Hannant

File photo of a NDR roundabout at Wroxham Road. Picture: David Hannant - Credit: Archant

Re roundabouts on the NDR. Some of the roundabouts, especially the roundabout with turn-offs to Sprowston and Wroxham are a serious accident waiting to happen.

Usually on larger roundabouts, the lanes flow, so for example if you want to turn right off a roundabout, as you go past turn-offs, the lane natural leads you from outside to inside and ultimately to your turn-off.

Not this roundabout, the lanes are just circles around the centre of the roundabout.

In the same scenario you end up crossing the middle lane and near side lane having to avoid vehicles as they pull out from either Sprowston or from the Northern Bypass.

I have witnessed near misses every time I use the roundabout which is almost daily. I have written to the council but unless something is done quickly I fear there will be a serious collision and possible serious injuries.

I am hoping the more the issue is raised we could get something done and avoid waiting for this to happen before someone then acts.

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