Mystery woman returns Norwich man’s lost cash

A man who dropped �100 outside a Norwich supermarket today thanked the mystery woman who found the money and handed it in.

Kenn Robinson, of Adelaide Street, near Dereham Road, had taken the money from his account at the post office in the Co-op in Dereham Road and had gone home before he realised he had lost it.

He thought he had lost the money for good but, to his surprise, a woman, believed to be called Ms Dickinson or Dickerson, picked up the �100 in �20 notes and handed them in to the shop.

Mr Robinson, who is a portrait artist, today issued an appeal to find the woman and reward her for her public-spirited action.

He said: 'One hundred pounds may not mean a lot to many people but to me, a pensioner, it's worth a lot.

'My family asked me if I had gone to see if anyone had handed it in but I just laughed at them.

'I thought no one would hand in �100. In this day and age of austerity, not that I'm saying everybody is a rogue, not too many people would have handed it in but this lady did. What a nice woman. I think it's lovely and I would like to give her a reward.'

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Mr Robinson said he had tucked the envelope of money into the top of his trousers and it had fallen out without him realising.

He was able to prove it was his money after he was captured on the store's CCTV camera dropping it outside.

If you are the woman or you know the woman who handed the money in, contact Evening News reporter Kate Scotter on 01603 772326 or email

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