Mystery dinosaur tiles appear around Norwich

white dino tile on black wall

One of the dino tiles spotted in Norwich - Credit: Simon Smith

If the GoGoDiscover T-Rexs, Dippy at the Cathedral, and Roarr! Adventure weren't enough dinosaurs for Norwich this summer, then we've got even more!

Mysterious tiles have been appearing around Norwich, each featuring a different hand-drawn dinosaur. They've been spotted near St Andrews car park, on Little Bethel Street, and on Constitution Hill, and have already got people talking.

white tile with dinosaur drawing

One of the dino tiles found around the city - Credit: Simon Smith

The artist is not yet known, but they were posted on a Facebook group by Simon Smith, who said: "I think they're fantastic!" Several other commenters shared Mr Smith's enthusiasm for the new tiles, with multiple noting where they'd seen them around the city.

So far, the dino tiles all feature small dinosaurs drawn in the same style, both with and without colour, but their locations are unknown. There is a presumed 50 tiles to be found, given the number out of 50 in the corner of a few of the tiles.

wall with dino graffiti and white tile

One tile also had matching graffiti below it - Credit: Simon Smith

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