Windows left with cracks after mystery bang heard in Norwich

Norwich resident's windows crack after loud bang

Akina Talanova had cracks in windows after loud bang in Norwich - Credit: Akina Talanova

A mum was left with cracks in her windows after a mystery bang was heard in Norwich. 

Several people living in the NR3 area reported hearing a loud bang on Monday evening. 

Akina Talanova, 34, who lives in St Augustine's Street, put her kids to bed at 6pm but two hours later the family was woken up by a loud noise. 

"Our windows are thin so we heard the bang very loudly," said Ms Talanova. "The windows shook directly after and we now have cracks in the corners.

Loud bang in Norwich near Anglia Square

Ms Talanova's windows had cracks in them after the loud bang - Credit: Akina Talanova

"The children woke up and were very scared by the noise. I checked on a local Facebook group to see if anyone else heard the noise and it seems several people did.

"It was one single loud bang so didn't sound like fireworks, and car alarms were going off in the street after it happened."

Norwich resident's windows crack after loud bang

The windows were cracked in several places - Credit: Akina Talanova

People in Magdalen Street, Oak Street and Silver Street said on a public Facebook group they also heard the loud single bang.

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One person said they thought it was a firework, but found it strange it was just the single noise.

Another thought it may have been a car crash.

Other people noted their windows shook and one person said they saw a flash.

Norfolk police said they did not have any records of an incident. 

Do you hear the noise, or have an idea of what may have caused it? Let us know at