My plans to pamper Norwich’s elderly ladies

A woman who has been inspired to help others following an inspirational trip to Romania is about to launch a scheme to offer pampering sessions to elderly women in Norwich.

Sharon Plummer, president of the Norwich chapter of Aglow International, is launching the initiative after returning from Romania.

Ms Plummer, 42, who lives at Attleborough, was one of the first candidates to take part in Aglow's first small missions outreach from the UK to Romania last autumn.

She said the Norwich scheme is as a direct result of her seven-day trip to orphanages, churches and homes for the young and the elderly.

She said: 'Some of the elderly women wanted their feet massaged or their hair cut – just simple things like that which don't cost anything and when you see the effect and the joy on their faces afterwards it is just beautiful. But I thought you don't have to go all the way to Romania to do such simple things – there are needs under your own nose.'

Ms Plummer said she wants to try and help those elderly people who were in residential homes and who perhaps have no family or regular visitors.

Initially the taster sessions are expected to be run every month but it is hoped that, if it proves successful and she can get more help on board, they might be able to run the sessions more frequently.

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She said: 'I would like to think we can go into homes every other week, but if we can get enough ladies it will be every week. It's just in the test stage.'

Together with national representatives from Aflow, a Christian women's organisation, Ms Plummer provided hands-on support during a her visit to Romania.

A pastor and his wife run four family homes for the elderly and a remote country orphanage becomes a weekly hair and beauty salon for 20 elderly women, she said.

Various projects in Romania also received vital financial boosts from UK supporters, including many from the Norwich area.

The work in Romania is continuing with support from Aglow.

The Norwich scheme, aimed at women in residential homes, will feature hand and foot massages.

For more details of the pampering sessions in the Norwich area, email Sharon Plummer at or call 01953 454606.