My dad deserves a Father’s Day treat

As it was Father's Day last Sunday 12-year-old Zoe Smith wrote to Life Matters to ask if her dad could have a very special treat. Emma Harrowing reports.

Dads, they come in all shapes and sizes; some are good at DIY, some are good at sport, then there are the ones that have a nap after their Sunday lunch in front of the television.

For 12-year-old Zoe Smith, from North Walsham, her dad is the best dad in the world. He always takes her to Carrow Road so that she can support her favourite football team 'the Yellows', he helps her with her homework, helps out at her trampoline classes and is always their for her when she needs him.

With Father's Day fast approaching Zoe entered her dad, Ray Smith, into the Life Matters and John Lewis Father's Day makeover competition to win styling advice from men's fashion advisor Robert Yuille and �200 to spend on a new outfit.

Says Zoe: 'I think my dad deserves a treat because he is the best dad in the world.

'I think he deserves this treat as he has no fashion sense – he dresses like a granddad! It's so embarrassing! It would be great to finally sort out his look so that I'm no longer embarrassed being seen with him.'

Like many middle-aged men, 54-year-old Ray sticks to a casual look of jeans and a t-shirt when he is not working as a boat builder in Wroxham. He is pretty laid back about what he wears and let's his wife and daughter pick clothes for him. However, if Ray was to choose clothes for himself he would go for black and white.

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Says Zoe: 'Mum and I have started to pick dad's clothes for him as his wardrobe in full of plain boring clothes. The other day we bought him a checked shirt which had bits of pink in it. I think he likes it.'

Ray's open-mindedness when it comes to what he will wear is good news for John Lewis fashion advisor Robert whose task it is to help Ray spend his prize money wisely on an outfit that suits his colouring and shape – and one that will win the stamp of approval from daughter Zoe.

Says Robert: 'It is nice to have someone who is open to new ideas as this way I can really show them what styles will suit them and their lifestyle.

'Zoe wants her dad to look trendy and there are many trends Ray can dip into to keep his look fresh and fashionable.'

Layering clothes is a classic look that always look fashionable whatever your age and is easy to wear. Simply layering a plain royal blue t-shirt with a green and blue check shirt over a pair of this season's chinos gives Ray an up to date look that hopefully his daughter will love.

Says Robert: 'Choosing colours that suit you is a simple way to bring a touch of style to your look. Blues and greens really suit Rays complexion so by wearing these colours close to his face he instantly looks younger.'

Robert teams the outfit with a pair of Converse trainers, a pair of sunglasses and this summer's must-have trilby.

To complete Ray's look, Robert takes him to see John Lewis Clarins consultant Kirstie Holding for some skincare advice.

Skincare products are becoming increasingly popular among men and there are many products that have been specifically made for male skin.

Ray shaves, but apart from applying moisturiser to his arms he doesn't really have a skincare routine.

Says Kirstie: 'It's important for both men and women to have a daily skincare regime. It doesn't have to be complex nor do you have to use a plethora of products. Cleansing, protecting the skin during and after shaving and a good moisturiser with sunscreen and UV filters is all you need to do to keep your skin looking and feeling revitalised and youthful.'

Kirstie gave Ray a demonstration of some of the newest men's skincare products from Clarins and gave him some sample products to try at home.

The verdict

Says Ray: 'I was surprised when Zoe said that I had won the competition in the Evening News as I didn't even know she has entered me! I like my new look, especially the hat as I love hats and I have one at home. I don't usually wear light coloured trousers so the chinos are a big difference to my look. I like my look so much that I have bought the entire outfit with my prize money.'

Says Zoe: 'Wow! Dad looks great! I love his checked shirt and it's good to see him wearing more colours.

'He can definitely pick me up from school now as he is no longer an embarrassing dad!'