Music fan survival guide for Norfolk Spectacular

As up for 30,000 music fans prepare to descend on the Norfolk Showground for the first ever Norfolk Spectacular, BEN WOODS has a guide to getting the best from the festival.

To make sure you enjoy the festival in style, Going Out has created a survival guide to help you get the most out of the Norfolk Spectacular.

n Stylish, bright and practical — Like any Saturday night out, you want to be looking your best when strutting around the festival site. But you do not want to be standing in flip flops, shorts and T-shirt when the skies open and the ground becomes mud soup. The answer: mix your favourite clothes with something practical. Wellies are a must, and while a waterproof may seem like a fashion faux pas, you may think differently when you are bone dry and your friends are soaked to the skin. Also, try and wear something bright. That way you will be easily spotted in a crowd if you get separated.

n Protect your tent — With unpredictable weather, thousands of people, and the chance to have the odd beer or two, it is likely a tent mishap is not far around the corner. So bring gaffa tape to mend those broken poles and keep a handful of spare pegs close at hand.

n Get some sleep — The temptation at any camping festival is to party all night and long into the morning. But do not run the risk of burning yourself out. Take a nap and the chances are you will enjoy the festival a lot more.

n Take a phone? — Phones are a gamble at any big event. They are great for finding friends when lost, but they also make you paranoid of festival thieves. Best advice is to leave it at home and stick close to your pals.

n Don't try to see everything — It may seem like bad advice, but a festival is also about enjoying the atmosphere. With a fun fair, stalls and numerous bars and food stands, there's plenty to see along with the music. However, it is essential you know what time your favourite acts are on. Keep a running list in your back pocket and a keen eye on your watch.

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n See a new a band — The biggest names in urban music are taking to the Main Stage, but don't be afraid to stray from the masses. Up-and-coming acts are performing on both stages over the weekend.

n Can you take the kids? — Festival organisers are keen to make it as child-friendly festival as Latitude. That said, there is no entry for under-5s and youngsters 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.