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Kingsley HarrisIt's been a while since I've shouted about the name Rory McVicar, so the release of his second album seems a great place re-adjourn. Another Sleepness Ninght is the first must have album of 2010.Further listening: Rory McVicarKingsley Harris

It's been a while since I've shouted about the name Rory McVicar, so the release of his second album seems a great place re-adjourn.

Those who have not yet witnessed Rory's act may have trouble understanding the passion with which most people tend to write or express when talking about his music. Let's back track, Rory won Radio One's best-unsigned act back in 2006 and it's a sign of the times that two extremely impressive albums later, and numerous top form appearances - In The City, Exit, and Latitude to name but a few, later he remains so.

On the right night and at the right venue, Rory's songs can clasp and ease an aching heart; fulfil and rejuvenate any lost soul and toy with the conscience of those with the strongest of constitutions.

The new album showcases Rory as a very accomplished musician, and captures a Walker Brothers' 1960's-style twang, courtesy of Owen at the Sickroom Studio, who also incidentally plays in Rory's band. Stand out tracks include The Only One, Bury Me With The Others, Same Time and title track Another Sleepless Night.

It was no joke or back handed complement when Rob da Bank said: 'The beauty and delivery of Rory's songs have brought me close to tears.'

Rory is a writer in tune with his life and although he has been known to randomly cycle into lampposts and stick crackers to his feet with cream cheese, it's all in a days work for one of Norwich's leading artists.

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I caught up with Rory to chat about the album and why we've waited so long for this. 'I really needed to get this album out, it follows on from the first but I've just been doing things on my own terms,' he said.

What does this album mean to you and what are you doing next? 'This album is for the comfort hours in people's lives, I've got no major plans after this other than another single from the album and then graduating.'

Another Sleepless Night is the first must have album of 2010 and is out now on Rory's Lonesome Goodnight Records in limited edition vinyl (250 only) and download.

t For those a bit behind you may not know that the Hot City Sounds festival is not happening this year and whether this is a break or an end to the festival is uncertain at the moment.

It has though been superseded by two other projects I am co-ordinating with sponsors around the city. The first being The Eastzone Underground label for those groups wanting help in self-releasing and The Norwich Musical Express, a series of gigs at the 100 Club in London to showcase Norwich talent.

While we are not on the look out for bands to play the venue we would be pleased to hear from bands that would like to appear on the free compilation album that will accompany it or anyone interested in information about the new label - contact

t Another Sleepless Night is out now.

Further listening: Rory McVicar