Moulettes Norwich Arts Centre music review: ‘An astoundingly slick performance’

Moulettes performing at Norwich Arts Centre, Photo: Danielle Booden

Moulettes performing at Norwich Arts Centre, Photo: Danielle Booden - Credit: Danielle Booden

Moulettes took Norwich Arts Centre by storm last night [November 19] fusing together elements of rock, prog, folk and pop into a whirlwind performance.

Moulettes. Photo: Courtesy of Sonic PR

Moulettes. Photo: Courtesy of Sonic PR - Credit: Courtesy of Sonic PR

It's near on impossible to sum up Moulettes, which is by no means a negative.

Their sound pushes the boundaries of expectations. Unable to be defined by a single genre they cross into multiple, pulling in elements from across the board.

Hannah Miller, Raevennan Husbandes, Ollie Austin and Jim Mortimore are all top class performers and experts in their musical fields which in turn brought to Norwich a performance that was astoundingly slick.

Not a single beat was missed, with multiple instruments and vocals intertwining into one full, powerful force.

It's rare to see a band so expertly pull off multiple key and tempo changes mid-song whilst still holding the audience on tenterhooks for the entire of their set.

Chord progressions that didn't seem like they should work together were pulled off so effortlessly that it was almost easy to overlook the artistic excellence that Moulettes have not only created but carry with them onto stage.

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Despite only having their core four members at the show, the sheer force of their sound didn't falter and was even more impressive than listening to the same tracks in recorded format on their multiple albums and EPs.

There's something about seeing quality musicians performing at the highest standard that is just impossible to not enjoy.

They're a sheer force of nature, utterly unique and unlike anything else currently out there.

If you're looking for something to widen your horizons, break your genre expectations and deliver musical perfection both on and off an album then Moulettes are absolutely worth your time!