MOT mishap ruins Norwich man’s bank holiday

A Norwich man spoke of how his bank holiday was ruined when his car plummeted off a ramp during an MOT and service.

Gal Travis took his car to the Kwik Fit garage on Prince of Wales Road, only to be told moments later that it was damaged after falling 4ft off a ramp.

The garage informed the 54-year-old that the damage was only 'cosmetic', but he was still forced to cancel a bank holiday trip to see his sister because they could not provide a courtesy car.

Kwik Fit said the matter was under investigation and were unable to comment on the condition of the car or why the accident occurred.

Mr Travis, a community development worker from Old Lakenham, was amazed that someone was not badly injured.

He said: 'I took the car in at 10:30 on Friday and then got a phone call back at 12:30 saying there was a severe problem with the car.

'At first, I thought they had discovered something during the MOT, but then I heard it had tipped off the ramp.

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'My bank holiday has been ruined. All of the things I wanted to do I couldn't. I was planning to go visit my sister in Northampton, and wanted to do some work in the garden but I need the transport to do it.

'I can only imagine what the manager must have felt like to have to ring and tell me about it. I am trying to maintain a sense of humour, but I have no idea when I am going to get it back.'

Mr Travis is now concerned that he may have difficulty selling the car in the future.

Meanwhile, it is believed Kwik Fit have had difficulty dealing with incident because it occurred during the bank holiday when staff were on holiday.

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