More than 100 Norwich drivers caught using mobile phones

Peter WalshMotorists have today been warned to not use their mobile phones while driving after more than 100 people were caught as part of a new police crackdown.Peter Walsh

Motorists have today been warned to not use their mobile phones while driving after more than 100 people were caught as part of a new police crackdown.

Norfolk police are in the second week of an enforcement campaign aimed at tackling the problem of people using a mobile phone while driving.

So far the campaign has seen 139 motorists in the county spotted using their mobiles while driving. Each offender has been given a �60 fixed penalty notice and their licence endorsed with three penalty points.

Reinforcing the message officers are giving when stopping people, a radio and poster advertising campaign has been telling drivers to 'zip it behind the wheel' and that 'distracted drivers cause destruction'.

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Guy McCurley, Chairman of the Think! Norfolk Partnership, said: 'This is not just about mobile phones, it is about dangerous driving and putting other road users in danger. The call or text might only be short but dangerous driving wrecks lives forever.

'The Think! Partnership would challenge drivers still using their phone to break the habit and to decide that their life and future is more important than a quick call or text.'

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Inspector Russell Hickford, Norfolk police, said he was disappointed so many drivers were still being caught out.

He said: 'It is sad to see that so many drivers in Norfolk are still not listening to our advice, breaking the law by using their mobile phones whilst driving.

'My message remains that using a mobile in this way multiplies the chances of drivers causing a collision and injuring someone The Think campaign underlines these issues and our officers will continue to react robustly to anyone seen taking that risk."

Legislation prohibiting the use of hand held mobiles while behind the wheel have been in force since December 1 2003.

Norfolk police initially announced a two-month 'honeymoon" period covering December 2003 and January 2004 when officers said they would use their discretion when issuing �30 fixed penalty tickets.

But since February 1 2004 police have clamped down on offenders to ram home the message that it is no longer acceptable to drive and phone.

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