More Larkman larks and are you in the George White School picture?

Old photographs of Larkman Lane and George White schools in Norwich during the 1950s raise so many memories of happy days.

So many happy memories of life at the Larkman back in the 1950s have been revived by your classroom photographs of the boys and girls..

Jan Chalmers (nee Skitmore) sent me the first picture of Mrs Walker's class at Larkman Lane School in 1950-51 which rekindled memories of schooldays and raised a smile in many homes.

Thanks for all your calls, not only from the former pupils, but also from sons and daughters seeing their parents.

It prompted Trevor Smith to send me another class picture, this time it was run by Mrs McMaster, and that also caused a stir with several people calling to say how pleased they were to see it.

And now Bernard Colman has sent in another picture, this time of a school play, thought to have been taken in around 1956-57.

The production was about a baby competition and that's young Bernard sitting second from the right looking as pleased as punch.

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The names he can remember are, left to right, Ian Cooper, Victoria Heygate, Diane, Brenda, Christine Dunthorne, Jean, Janice Green and the chap on the end was called Robinson.

I expect some of these young 'mums' went on to become real mums. And you may be one of them?

'The only headmaster I can remember was a Mr Ingrams. My teacher in my final year in the top class was a Miss Mallett, who managed to successfully guide me through the 11+,' said Bernard.

'Another teacher I can recall was a Mr Newby who shocked me by wanting to give me the slipper for swinging on my chair. I felt it an affront to my dignity!'

Bernard went on to the Hewett School and worked for the Home Office in London before returning to Norwich.

He ended up working with the North Norfolk Housing Association.