Missing Norwich owl found dead

A Norwich woman has been left heart broken after her missing pet owl was found dead.

As reported in today's Evening News Widget the boobook owl went missing from the home of Claire Halls in Holworthy Road, Bowthorpe on Monday afternoon.

Sadly the body of the two year-old owl was found in some woodland between Bowthorpe and East Earlham today.

Miss Halls, 23 and who has had Widget since he was three weeks old, said her pet probably died from hypothermia.

She had feared Widget may be eaten by a sparrowhawk or killed by a car.

After reading today's story about 10 Evening News readers had contacted Miss Halls saying they had seen her bird.

Sadly though Miss Halls received the call she never wanted to hear after a walker found Widget's body, which was said to be stone cold to the touch.

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Boobook owls are from Australia and it seems the cold March weather caused Widget's death.

There were no signs he had been attacked or that he was starving.

Miss Halls, who works in child care, said: 'I fell terrible to be honest. I am totally devastated.

'Widget was like a child to me.'

Miss Halls said she would not get another boobook owl to replace Widget.

She also thanked everyone who had contacted her about her missing pet.