‘She is a feminist icon’ - Norwich students stage play about Boudicca

Students at the UEA rehearse for Boudica. Photo: Millie Amies

Students at the UEA rehearse for Boudica. Photo: Millie Amies - Credit: Archant

Students are performing a play about the Queen of the Iceni at the UEA's drama studio.

The UEA's all student theatre company Minotaur are performing Tristan Bernays' 'Boudica' this week.

The production, which is the only the second amateur production in the play's history, is in the midst of a three night run with performances tonight (Friday October 12) and tomorrow (Saturday October 13) still to come.

The plot of the play centres on the Celtic rebellion against the Roman Empire and depicts the iconic Celtic heroine Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni - a tribe who inhabited East Anglia in the first century AD.

Tom Gutteridge, who is co-directing the play with fellow drama student Priya Appleby, said that people should come and see the play for its bold portrayal of women, the fascinating characters, meticulously choreographed fight scenes, and gruesome special effects.

When asked about Boudicca's cultural status as an East Anglian hero, Mr Gutteridge said:

'She's not just an East Anglian hero, she is a feminist icon. A woman who refused to bow under the pressure of patriarchal society and instead stood tall and fought against what she thought was wrong.

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'I went to watch the premiere of this show last year with my sister and she told me afterwards with fire in her eyes that, growing up, while all her friends were aspiring to be Disney princesses she was aspiring to be Boudicca, the warrior queen. I don't think I've ever been prouder.'

Among the leading members of the cast are Jess Lester as Boudicca and Pete Rapp as Cunobeline, King of the Trinovantes.

Tickets are still available for performances at the drama studio Friday October 12 and Saturday October 13. You can purchase them from the UEA's online store here.