Have you seen the 'Milk' graffiti daubed all over Norwich?

The graffiti tag Milk has appeared at locations across Norwich city centre.

The graffiti tag Milk has appeared at locations across Norwich city centre. - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

The word 'Milk' has been spotted daubed on walls across the city days after a crackdown was announced on graffiti.

The tag has been spotted more than 10 times with locations including Gentleman’s Walk, near Specsavers and outside Strangers Cafe.

A police crackdown has been prompted following a rise in graffiti in the city, with increased patrols planned in Pottergate, St Benedict's, Colegate, St George's Street and Friars Quay.

Earlier this week, a spokesperson for Norwich City Council said: “Like many cities across the country, Norwich has unfortunately seen a rise in tagging during the latest lockdown, as well as more graffiti on private buildings.

“We are going to be working with Norwich BID to remove the tagging and do a general tidy in the city, but when graffiti is on private property, we need to establish ownership and get permissions or look to use legislation in order to remove it. This generally takes longer."

Graffiti should be reported using the online form on the city council’s website – offensive and hate-related graffiti will be removed from public property within 24 hours.

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