Men, earn your style stripes this summer season

Men's fashion goes stripy this summer, says Emma Harrowing. But will you go for bold or subtle stripes?

There could be a romantic explanation for our love of stripy clothes in summer. Perhaps it's because the pattern reminds us of sunny days spent on the beach; the traditional stripy deckchair, the twisted lines of an ice lolly, the bands of colour on the seafront helter-skelter. I like to think so anyway and it's a far better reason than just assuming that fashion dictates this annual trend.

Of course the nautical trend, in which the stripe is the signature pattern, has become a classic trend for both men and women, with navy and white stripes teamed with white trousers and boat shoes topping the all time classic styles.

However this summer the nautical trend has come out of hibernation with a new face. Bright colours and rainbow shades have given stripes a fresh look. For men there is a choice; you can go for the bright new colours or you can go for a stripy look that is all together more sublime.

For the bold look stripes are big, brash and sometimes clash with bright reds with whites, or a purple and green stripe mix. Or go for a subtle look with thin pinstripes in neutral tones for a more relaxed style.

Wear stripes with stripes for an experimental look, or team a stripy top with a plain bottom or vice versa for a modern take on a classic.

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