Men defecate in couple's garden before running away

Buxton Road, Norwich

Police received reports from residents on both Buxton Road and Aylsham Road that men were acting suspiciously in their gardens, with one later finding human waste - Credit: Google

A couple who saw two men lurking around their garden later discovered they had defecated under one of the hedges and left behind some used toilet paper.

Norfolk police received a couple of reports from people in the Buxton Road and Aylsham Road areas of Norwich on Thursday from around 8pm onwards of the men acting suspiciously in their gardens. One later found human waste.

Though officers attended the area the men were not found. Police are advising anyone who sees them again to call 999.

The woman, who came across the human waste but does not want to be named, said: "My partner found the two men in our garden looking over the fence into another garden. They ran off when my partner went out.

"My partner went out to alert our neighbours and saw them lurking around the Aylsham Road area, seemingly waiting until the coast was clear before looking into gardens again.

"The night before my partner had found one of the same men in our garden and made him leave. 

"We called for the police and they sent out a team. Despite looking for them with torches they didn't find them.

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"It's all very creepy. We wondered if they'd been using our garden as a hideout to watch something or someone else."