Memories from Oz of the ‘Children’s Nursery School’

David Lane shares some memories of attending the City of Norwich School with Derek James - all the way from Australia.

It is known, loved and respected all over the world as the City of Norwich School but the tough guys from Lakenham had another name for it – the Children's Nursery School!

Happy memories of life at CNS just after the Second World War come from David Lane, who sent me this 1952 photograph all the way from his home in Australia.

'Congratulations on the school centenary,' said David, third from the left at the front, who hopes this picture will bring back a few happy memories of CNS all those years ago.

This is the story of one of the boys on this picture.

David's family moved from Leicester to Norwich in 1946 and lived on the Lakenham Estate.

'After leaving CNS, called the Children's Nursery School by the toughies at St Marks, I worked for five years at Guntons before moving to Jewson and Sons in Colegate,' said David.

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'I left them to become a sales representative for the Marley Tile Company but eventually became disillusioned with the building industry, so I decided to try my luck in New Zealand where I had a sister, Mavis, who had married a Lakenham boy, Ron Brown, and had settled in NZ,' explained David.

He left the UK in 1964, working first in Auckland.

He met an Australian girl, Robyn, was smitten by her charms, and they moved over to Brisbane in 1969.

And that's where they stayed – raising two boys, one who lives in Australia and the other who moved to Bristol.

'That's about the size of it – a good life in the Antipodes. We have been back to the UK for several visits as I still have family and friends there in Norfolk,' added David.

In the picture we have:

Back row: C Taylor, Riches, Hickling, Kirk, R Taylor, Thorpe, Wilkins, Bell, Girling, Moore, Ulf.

Middle row: Harman, Dye, Cooke, Symonds, Mr Beck, Copeland, Meadows, Clarke.

Front row: Sizer, Wesley, Lane, Howard, Howard, Barney, Rampling, Snelling, Bridges and Schofield.

Absent: Ramsbottom and Waller.