Takeaway investigated after boy in hospital with suspected food poisoning

Zayne Howard, nine, has been on a drip since Monday due to suspected food poisoning.

Zayne Howard, nine, has been on a drip since Monday due to suspected food poisoning. - Credit: Chéri Howard

A Norwich takeaway is being investigated by council officers after a boy had to go hospital due to suspected food poisoning.

Norwich City Council is looking into a complaint against Mega Munch and Sea World Fish Bar, on Magdalen Road, Norwich

The takeaway's manager has denied the claim and insisted all of its food is cooked properly.

A complaint was made against the business by the family of nine-year-old Zayne Howard, who has been in hospital for four days suffering from campylobacter - a bacteria caused by contaminated food and water. 

Zayne Howard, nine, was hospitalised for four days

A Norwich takeaway is to be investigated after Zayne Howard had to go to hospital through suspected food poisoning. - Credit: Cheri Howard

The family, from Thorpe Hamlet, ordered kebabs and chips for mum Chéri, dad Karl and Zayne's siblings Jochen and Kira, while Zayne ate a chicken wrap.

The day after the meal,  Zayne said he did not feel well, with his condition not improving on Easter Sunday. 

The family first tested for Covid-19 due to Zayne feeling hot and not moving from the sofa and on Monday were advised to go to hospital.

Mrs Howard said: "He wakes up and says I do not feel well, he was hot and he didn't want to eat. I offered him food, he nibbled the top off a roll, just nibbled it. He couldn't keep anything in his belly. 

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"A child like Zayne, he's very wild he doesn't sit down for five minutes."

The Howard family

Zayne (centre) with his family, mum Cheri, brother Jochen, sister Kira, and dad Karl. - Credit: Cheri Howard

She praised the "amazing" staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for treating Zayne. 

Mrs Howard added: "Not one Easter egg has touched his lips yet. Since Monday he has been on a drip all the way through."

Zayne's friend bought him a toy monkey George to help with his recovery in hospital.

Zayne's friend bought him a toy monkey George to help with his recovery in hospital. - Credit: Cheri Howard

Zayne Howard is recovering in hospital after falling poorly at the weekend.

Zayne Howard, nine, was found to have campylobacter - a bacteria caused by contaminated food and water. - Credit: Cheri Howard

The family raised their concerns on social media in case others experienced symptoms that could be mistaken for Covid-19 and with Norwich City Council which carries out food hygiene inspections.

On Thursday, a council spokesman said a food safety officer would speak to the business and carry out a full food inspection if possible.

The spokesman said: "We have received the complaint and will be carrying out a full food hygiene risk rating inspection at the premises soon to check that food safety practices are being followed."

Norwich City Council has received a complaint about Mega Munch in relation to food poisoning.

The manager of Mega Munch has assured that all food is cooked properly after a complaint to Norwich City Council in relation to food poisoning. Pic: Archant. - Credit: Archant

In response to the complaint, Erkan Gulbahce said the takeaway had not had any issues about the chicken and improvements had been made at the business, which has in the past been told to improve by inspectors.

Mr Gulbahce said: "We sold so many chickens that night, it is one of the most popular items in the shop. 

"We have never had complaints about the chicken.

"We make sure the chicken is cooked properly.

"There have been lots of improvements here."

The manager said an inspection took place on Thursday afternoon with the takeaway receiving a rating of three from an inspector, improving from a one-star rating in December.