Meet your Evening News team tomorrow at Chapelfield

Editor Tim Williams, writer Derek James, and our shopping and lifestyle expert Emma Harrowing will be in the city centre to meet readers and chat about your local paper.

The three of them will be taking up residence in Chapelfield mall, The Forum and the Mall where you can join them to talk about some of the issues that matter to you about Norwich and how your paper covers your city. You can also chat to Derek about his popular diary page and how he has been writing in the Norwich Evening News for the past 20 years about the lives of people across Norwich. Or you can talk to Emma about how you can get involved in our street fashion and weekly makeover sections.

And you can find out more about our websites – and – and learn all about our new local picture and video-sharing website,

The Norwich Evening News has served the city for more than 100 years, and we'd love the opportunity to talk to you about how we should best continue to reflect the lives, ambitions and achievements of our fine city and its residents.

So, make a note in your diary, and if you can pop down to chat to Tim, Emma and Derek, we'd love to see you and find out how we can improve your local newspaper for you.

Come and meet the team. This is where you can find them:

At the Castle Mall on Thursday, June 21, from noon until 2pm

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At the Castle Mall, on Tuesday, June 26, from noon until 2pm