Meet Norwich’s very own Ghostbusters

If there's something strange, in a Norwich house, who you gonna call? Norfolk Paranormal Investigations Group!

That's right, Norfolk's very own Ghostbusters are still going strong, more than 35 years after they were founded.

Ghost walks are proving more and more popular in Norwich and Norfolk has a rich history of tales of the paranormal and ghostly sightings.

However, it is the Norfolk Paranormal Investigations Group (NPIG) that people call when they are genuinely concerned about some unusual happenings in their home or business.

Founder John Hook, 54, is joined by three members of his family and two other volunteers in carrying out the investigations.

Mr Hook, from Sprowston, said: 'When people think about paranormal investigations they think about [the television show] Most Haunted, where everyone is running around in the dark and hearing knocks, taps and other noises. But in reality we can explain a lot of those things. They see or hear more things in one episode of Most Haunted than we ever have, it's just not real.'

NPIG run free investigations because of their own interest in finding out about paranormal activity and use expensive equipment to try and find answers for people.

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They use audio and visual recording equipment and carry out thorough interviews with the people involved in their investigations. Mr Hook continued: 'Eighty per cent of the time we can find a logical answer straight away and 10pc of the time we can find an answer by looking into the situation further.

'But there are still the 10pc of cases where we just can't find a logical answer and that is the 10pc that interests us.

'We are open-minded about these things, where a lot of people are sceptical. People will be like 'you are not going to bring a Ouija Board round are you?' but that's not what we do.

'In the cases that we can't explain then we do have a medium we work with that we can bring in, but we just try to find answers.

'People can end up living in fear thinking they have got a ghost in the house, so they call the church and get a priest to come round to say a prayer, and that does nothing.'

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