Join the editor ... on his sofa!

Guests at An Evening WIth Dippy at Norwich Cathedral. Richard Porritt, editor of the Evening News d

Richard Porritt, editor of the Evening News, is taking his sofa out in to the city to allow readers to join him for a chat - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The Evening News’ editor will be out and about in the city this week – and he’s taking his sofa!

Richard Porritt will be at locations across the city to chat to people about the launch of the Evening News+ app.

Evening News+ launched last week offering a superb user experience and an advert-light environment.

The Evening News team will no longer publish exclusive content for free on the website. The only way for people to stay up to date with all the news that is important to Norwich is via the app or the printed newspaper.

The app also offers podcasts, videos, newsletters and notifications straight to subscribers’ devices.

Richard said: “The launch of Evening News+ is an excellent opportunity for me to meet some readers. So please pop along and let's have a chat."

The Evening News sofa will be in Chantry Place on Tuesday March 8, Castle Quarter the next day and Norwich Market on Thursday and Friday. Richard will be answering questions and chatting to readers between 10am and midday each day.