Meet Kizzy, Khan and Nightshade - three horses looking for a new homes after being nursed back to health in Norfolk

Kizzy with World Horse Welfare Groom Phoebe Gale.

Kizzy with World Horse Welfare Groom Phoebe Gale. - Credit: Archant

Three young horses are ready for rehoming after being nursed back to health following a difficult rescue.

Kizzy as found by the World Horse Welfare in 2011.

Kizzy as found by the World Horse Welfare in 2011. - Credit: Archant

The World Horse Welfare, at Snetterton, has rehabilitated Kizzy, Khan and Nightshade in a bid to bring them into work and allow them to be ridden in the future.

Khan and Nightshade came to the charity as part of a multi-horse prosecution case in March 2011, during which conditions were so bad two foals were found collapsed at the scene and one horse found in the back of a trailer had to be put to sleep.

Attempts were made to remove Khan, who was two, and Nightshade, who was four, and arrangements were made to return with a warrant and reinforcements.

The charity removed all of the horses that were of concern from the site.

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Kizzy was a separate case and came into the charity's care following a call to their welfare line.

The report raised concerns for the condition of five horses but when the local field officer attended the area he found at least seven of concern.

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World Horse Welfare Groom, Phoebe Gale said: 'We are all really enjoying working the youngsters here, but we could have rehomers do this for us so that we can help other neglected horses to reach the same healthy, happy stage as Kizzy, Khan and Nightshade.'

Khan is now happy out in Norfolk fields at the charity's Hall Farm, while Nightshade has since grown in confidence and has become a calm and sensible mare. She is easy to handle and fits in well with any herd. One-year-old Kizzy is a very pretty mare with a good disposition and is bright, alert and quick to learn with a keen interest in anything new.

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