Meet Bernard, behind the camera at LSE get-togethers

Left to right: Dicky Bird, Bernard Fuller and George Wilson who worked at LSE all their lives.

Left to right: Dicky Bird, Bernard Fuller and George Wilson who worked at LSE all their lives. - Credit: Archant

Allow me to introduce you to Bernard Rose, a man who has devoted much of his life to working at Laurence Scott & Electromotors, helps to run the pensioners' association, attends the reunions, but rarely gets in the photographs.

Cheers! LSE pensioners line up for Bernard Rose's camera.

Cheers! LSE pensioners line up for Bernard Rose's camera. - Credit: Archant

People ask him why they never see him in the pictures of the gatherings for workers at the world-famous Norwich factory, the last industrial giant in the city. And even question whether or not he actually turns up!

Well, I can assure you he does.

You see Bernard, of Thorpe, is the man on the other side of the camera, snapping his colleagues at the annual reunions which he now helps to organise with Ivan 'Spider' Whurr following the death of John Jones – a man who spent no fewer than 50 years at the company.

Others who spent their entire working lives at LSE include Dicky Bird, Bernard Fuller and George Wilson whose picture was taken by... Bernard of course.

That's the way it was at LSE.

Once the men had completed their training, many spent the rest of their life at the factories and it is marvellous to think that ATB Laurence Scott is still making electric motors, more than 125 years after the visionary William Harding Scott arrived in Norwich.

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He was a man who teamed up with others to created a company like no other, one which recognised the potential of electricity as a source of power in industry. And, after lighting up Colman's Carrow Works, went on to make pioneering electric motors still operating across the world.

Just before his death in 1938 at his home on Yarmouth Road, the company had developed some of the earliest traffic lights in the country which were installed in Norwich, where the company provided work for thousands of men and women at three plants and other parts of the country.

While the annual reunions and the lively pensioners' association are still very popular Barnard knows there are many people out there who used to work at LSE. People who may like to hear from former colleagues.

'For one reason or another they are not members of the association. But times change. Life can become lonely. I would like to get the message that we are here and, if people have any problems, then we may be of use,' said Bernard.

'We don't just sit around and play bingo. We have regular talks, slideshows and entertainment. It's a good opportunity to meet old friends and swap stories,' said Bernard.

The association meets on the second Wednesday of the month at the St Andrew's Centre on Thunder Lane.

Interested? Call Bernard on 01603 436990 or email