Masonry falls from tower of Norwich’s largest church

A city centre church will be surveyed by an architect after a piece of masonry fell from its tower.

A small piece of stone, the size of a golf ball, was found on the ground by the entrance to Norwich's largest church, St Peter Mancroft.

It was found on Saturday and a barrier, borrowed from The Forum, was put up warning of falling masonry.

Canon Peter Nokes said: 'We are not quite sure where it came from.

'Somebody saw the stone lying in the area directly underneath the tower.'

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An architect surveyed the tower on Monday through a pair of binoculars but could not see any problems with the church which was built between 1430 and 1455.

They will investigate the whole tower again on Monday with a cherry picker.

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Canon Nokes said it was likely that the stone was loosened through water freezing and melting in a hairline crack in the masonry.

He added: 'The church is in remarkably good condition.

'Because it is a building right in the middle of the city, we do spend a lot of time and money making sure it is in good nick.'

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