Marcus Brigstocke will bring out his dark side in new tour Devil May Care

Marcus Brigstocke Credit: Emery PR

Marcus Brigstocke Credit: Emery PR - Credit: Archant

When you hear the name Marcus Brigstocke, chances are you'll be expecting to hear comedy of a certain flavour.

Marcus Brigstocke Credit: Emery PR

Marcus Brigstocke Credit: Emery PR - Credit: Archant

'Audiences who come to see me are used to seeing someone being fairly polemic, angry and frustrated.

'But in my new show I wanted to do something where I step away from the cliché of me being posh, middle-class and a bit angsty.'

All comedians have a little touch of the wicked about them, but with Devil May Care Marcus is veering off into whole new territory.

'This is something I've never tried before.

'It's effectively a character piece, and like most character stand-up it's a thin veneer over what I am.

'It's simply a means of talking about stuff from a certain point of view.

READ MORE: 11 great shows coming to Norwich Theatre Royal this season'I'm very interested in notions of what's good and what's bad.

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'I think there are very few people who do bad things with bad intentions; there are a lot of us who do bad things with good intentions – or at least with blinkers on – and that's what I'm interested in.'

In order to take his audience along with him, Marcus doesn't have to just act a bit like Satan: he has to look like him, too.

'We'll see how far into the tour I regret this but I will be wearing full devil make-up and horns for every show.'

Marcus won't just be donning some horns in Devil May Care, he'll be locking them with those he views as trying to simplify and polarise political debate in Britain.

READ MORE: 7 things to do in Norfolk on a rainy day'What's interesting for me is the speed with which we put each other into groups, and that's something which has been accelerated by social media.

'Right, so you voted for Brexit: that means you're a bit thick. You're a Conservative: you're basically a Nazi. You're a Corbyn supporter: you're a dangerous myopic utopian dreamer.

'Social media has amplified that process, and in this show I'll be dividing everyone up deliberately and in a cartoonish way by saying how everyone is so much worse than everyone else

Marcus Brigstocke is coming to the Norwich Playhouse from September 11 to 13.