Man waved knife outside Norwich pub

Peter WalshA man was so angry at being ejected from a pub for being too drunk that he kicked in its doors and later returned armed with a knife, a court has been told.Peter Walsh

A man was so angry at being ejected from a pub for being too drunk that he kicked in its doors and later returned armed with a knife, a court has been told.

Darren Miller, 22, appeared yesterday at Norwich Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to damaging a door of the Falcon pub on Cromer Road, Hellesdon, near Norwich, and having a knife in a public place without good reason or lawful authority.

Lisa Britton, prosecuting, said the offences, which happened on January 10, started in the pub when bar staff refused to serve the defendant because he was too drunk.

The court heard that Miller, of Marshall Road, off Boundary Road, Norwich, spilled a pint but when he asked the barmaid for another drink she refused to serve him and he was 'escorted outside'.

Miss Britton said Miller then appeared at the back of the pub where he 'kicked the door through' before going round to the front and kicking the front door 'causing two panes in the door to shatter'.

She added: 'Just after 3am the barman was in the back car park with his friend having a cigarette. They saw Mr Miller walking towards them with what they thought was a metal bar.' Miss Britton said they later realised that it was a kitchen knife with a 30cm blade.

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'He's waving the knife around approached them and said: 'I'm sorry about earlier, I've done nothing wrong.''.

Miss Britton said the knife was being waved around as he approached the men, with the weapon at one point about six inches away from the throat of one of the men.

The court heard that the defendant was disarmed before the police were called and the knife recovered. When interviewed Miller told police he could remember kicking the front door and was angry at being thrown out.

He admitted going back to get the knife, but 'wasn't going to use it to hurt anyone'.

Gavin Cowe, mitigating, said that his client disputed the circumstances outlined by the prosecution.

He said that although Miller said he was drunk and admitted he took the knife from his home address to the pub he denied waving it six inches from the throat of one of the men in the car park.

He said: 'What he didn't realise, being intoxicated, going back to the pub with the knife and producing it - that still falls into the category of dangerous circumstances.'

Charles Nevick, chairman of the bench, said the offence was so serious that Miller would have to be committed to Norwich Crown Court for sentence, at a date to be fixed, because the penalty they could impose in the magistrates' court was not sufficient.

Miller was released on bail until his next appearance on the condition that he does not enter the Falcon public house or its land.

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