MAKEOVER: Monday Makeover helped me get fit

Emma HarrowingLast year we gave reader Tim Scutter a fitness makeover as he wanted to improve his fitness levels and his body. The results were amazing, but has he kept up with his fitness regime? EMMA HARROWING finds out.Emma Harrowing

Last year we gave reader Tim Scutter a fitness makeover as he wanted to improve his fitness levels and his body. The results were amazing, but has he kept up with his fitness regime? EMMA HARROWING finds out.

Sometimes you can sign up to the gym, workout three times a week, but still do not achieve the body you want. Tim Scutter from Tuckswood was in this predicament. Despite working out at the gym he was not losing the weight or building up the muscle that he wanted.

Says 35 year old Tim: 'I weighed 15 stone and I had been trying to lose weight for quite a while, but even though I regularly went to the gym I could not lose the excess weight.

'I felt like I had fallen into an exercise rut.'

We decided to give him that extra push to get the body he wants by signing him up to a three month fitness program courtesy of Sportspark.

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Tim used to go to the gym for 30 minutes three times a week, although most of the time he would be working out with weights so his regime contained little or no cardiovascular activity such as running or swimming.

Tim's new fitness regime was under the watchful eye of James Richards at Sportspark and included a mix of circuits, spinning, one to one personal training sessions, running and swimming as well as weights.

After three months Tim had lost 4kg of body fat and a significant number of inches from his frame.

Tim was so impressed that he vowed to keep up with his fitness regime.

Four months after his fitness makeover has he managed to keep pushing himself to the limit or has he reverted back to his lacklustre approach to exercise?

Says Tim: 'I have just about kept up with the exercise regime tailored for me by the guys at the Sportspark. I train for three times a week in the gym on the bike and using the weights for about an hour, which is a little less than I did while I was on the three month fitness makeover, but at the moment I have a knee injury. I also swim whenever I can.

'If I am honest I think I have slacked off a bit with my exercise regime, mainly because of Christmas, so my weight is perhaps not quite where it should be.

'I am happy with my body though. The one thing the training given me is the knowledge that I can push myself harder than I previously thought while I am exercising. I used to just exercise until I felt a little bit tired but now I know that if I push myself over this slump I can achieve great results.

'Since my makeover I have more energy and motivation to go out and exercise beyond by limit. It was a challenging yet enjoyable and pleasing experience.'

To test Tim's current fitness levels we measured various parts of his body, took his weight and height to find out his Body Mass Index (BMI) and calculated the percentage of body fat he has.

The results were surprising as in all cases (apart from the size of his biceps) he had increased in size.

Tim's diet has played a major influence in his increase in weight. He admits that over Christmas he over indulged in cakes and biscuits. This coupled with the reduction in the amount of exercise he is doing has resulted in him putting on a few pounds.

Says Rachael Pellatt, Fitness Centre Manager at Sportspark: 'When Tim was working with us his training was closely monitored. He was pushed to his limits at each workout and we constantly encouraged him to push through barriers in order to continually improve his fitness. This is exceptionally difficult to do on your own.

'Tim's effort on each workout since the end of his three month training period has probably decreased by around 20pc without him really realising it. Everyone indulges over the festive season and when this is coupled with a decrease in physical effort it can have a negative effect on weight and body fat percentage.

'All Tim's effort has not gone to waste though. He would not be human if he didn't lapse over Christmas or if he did not struggle to maintain a healthy diet; but his hard work in previous months will mean that he can make changes to his physique quicker now if he applies himself to another training regime. Tim is still a regular at the gym and attends a number of our classes. The biggest hurdle he faces is ensuring that he maintains a healthy diet alongside his regular exercise.'

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