Make your own fashion with our step by step guides

Calling all future fashion designers! Why not get creative with these kid-friendly and stylish crafts and update your wardrobe at the same time. By Emma Harrowing

As fashion is on the menu with London Fashion Week showcasing spring and summer collections and preparations already under way for Norwich Fashion Week in March, some children may feel inspired to get creative and design or make their own fashion pieces.

Here are five items you can make with your kids that will update your wardrobe for autumn or give your outfit an individual twist. You never know, your kids could be the next Vivienne Westwood or Jean Paul Gaultier.

Decorated tote bags

What you need:

For the Love bag:

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Calico bag

A5 Acetate sheets 10-pk

Dylon black fabric paint

Proarte paint brush (no barcode) Craft knife

For the cat bag:

Calico bag

Fabrics, fat quarter pack

Embroidery thread, (310) black

Red satin ribbon

Red velvet ribbon

Red bead

Spray adhesive

For the Love bag:

Cut four A5 stencil shapes from the acetate using the picture as a guide.

Press the tote bag and line it with a few sheets of paper or some cardboard.

Position the stencils and secure with a few pieces of sticky tape (the centre of the O can be held in place with your finger, or use double sided tape).

Lightly stencil the black dye, building up the colour as you go. Keep your brush quite 'dry' for this

Allow to dry before peeling off the stencils.

For the cat bag:

Press the tote bag.

Cut the A5 stencil shapes from the acetate using the picture as a guide.

Spray adhesive lightly on the reverse and position the shapes on the bag.

Take a running stitch around the edge of each shape to hold it in position.

Create the cat's collar using red velvet ribbon and a bead, sewn in place.

Decorate the hearts with bows made from red satin ribbon.

Black and White Necklace

What you need:

One black 55mm spotted felt flower

Six black Disco balls

Six grey/white Disco balls

Four round spotty resin beads

Four metallic painted wooden beads

Six black round wood beads.

Eight grey/white round wood beads

2mm tigertail wire

Two crimp beads

Clasp jump rings

Cut a single strand of tigertail wire (approx 60cm).

Thread a 2mm crimp bead 2cm from the end of the tigertail. Hold the crimp bead in this position and bend the 2cm of tigertail back on itself so that it creates a loop at the end of the wire. Tuck the short strand back inside the crimp bead, and use chain nose pliers to flatten (crimp) the crimp bead. Trim off excess tigertail, flush to the crimp bead.

Thread the beads onto the tigertail strand as in the picture, positioning the fabric flower in the centre of the design before continuing to thread the remaining beads.

Once the beads are strung, thread another crimp bead onto the end of the wire. Once again, loop the end of the tigertail wire back on itself and thread through the crimp bead.

Once looped round, pull on the long strand of tigertail until all of the components have been dragged towards the beads. Once in the correct position, crimp the crimp bead securely. Trim off excess tigertail flush to crimp bead.

Attach a clasp onto the end of the necklace using two jump rings and a clasp of your choice.

Button & Ribbon Embellishment

What you need:

A plain scoop neck dress


Round sequins



39mm brown chiffon ribbon

For the dress:

Decorate the plain neckline of a dress with a row of pretty buttons and sequins, sewn at regular intervals.

For the belt:

Simply sew buttons and sequins onto a length of brown chiffon ribbon to make a matching belt for the dress.

Feather & Shoe Embellishment

What you need:

Plain shoes

Peacock feathers

Mini burgundy butterfly

5mm faceted stones

Black press studs

Glue gun

Glue sticks

Optional: To interchange decorations use press studs, glued or sewn in place, to secure the decorations in place.

Dress up a plain pair of shoes with peacock feathers, glitter butterflies and clear faceted stones, glued in place using a glue gun.

All materials for the projects can be found in Hobby Craft on Riverside or the arts and crafts department in Jarrold or John Lewis.

Photos courtesy of Hobby Craft