‘Sorry…Norwich is unfashionable’ say Q Magazine

Norwich shoppers on Gentleman's Walk. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Norwich shoppers on Gentleman's Walk. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

In a recent review of a Norwich band Q Magazine referred to Norwich as 'unfashionable'.

The review of Let's Eat Grandma, a duo made up of Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, stated: 'It was too much for some to fathom that the teenage duo from unfashionable Norwich might be solely responsible for their own music, that there must be some industry-savvy overlord behind the scenes.'

The description provoked a questioning tweet from one Twitter user to which Q Magazine responded: 'We've looked into your complaint and I'm afraid we've decided to uphold the description of Norwich as unfashionable. Sorry about that.'

Another Twitter user responded to the thread by saying: 'They've clearly never spent much time in Norwich. We welcome them with open arms. Come visit.'

Another wrote: 'It's funny how so many people judge a lovely city solely based on a fictional character. Just continue to insult some readers for cheap laughs and see how it goes.'

What do you think? Is Norwich really unfashionable or has Q Magazine missed the mark? Vote in our poll.

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